3 ways to keep eggs fresh without Fridge at home

3 ways to keep eggs fresh without Fridge at home

Eggs will remain fresh even without a fridge, just try these methods

You can keep eggs fresh and safe for many days even without a fridge. For this, you can try the methods mentioned here.

Most people like to eat breakfast eggs. Due to being the main source of protein, people include eggs in their diet daily. Some people bring a tray of eggs in one go and store it at home. However, people who do not have a fridge at home, find it difficult to store eggs. It becomes very difficult to keep it fresh in summers. Due to the lack of a fridge, many people are unable to store eggs at home. Actually, without a refrigerator, eggs spoil quickly.

At the same time, there are some such tips, by following which you can not only store the egg, but it will remain fresh for many days. You will not even need a fridge for this. So let's know about these easy tips, by trying which you can keep eggs fresh for a long time.

use a pot

In summer, most people like to drink water from the pot. It is not only beneficial for health, but the mind also gets satiety, but if you have an old pitcher, do not throw it away but use it to keep eggs. This will keep the eggs safe and fresh for a week or two weeks. Try wrapping the pot with a wet cloth. Apart from this, if you want, you can also wrap jute cloth by soaking it. Now keep the pot in a cool place and use it one by one if needed.

use salt

If you want to store eggs for a week and two weeks, you can use salt. For this, spread a thin layer of salt in a large box and then place the egg on top. Again spread a layer of salt over the egg and close the lid of the box. Keep checking by opening the box every two or three days or keep changing the place of the eggs. This will keep the eggs fresh and safe for a week and two weeks.

use clay

Many people store eggs in the fridge for months, depleting their nutrients. Do not store eggs for more than a week or two, as it loses its nutrients and becomes unfit for consumption. At the same time, you can use clay to keep the eggs fresh. Weta jute sack in a big basket and then pour lightly moistened soil on top. Now keep the egg in the same way as the egg is kept in the tray. Now keep this basket in a ventilated or cool place.

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