Sociology of education with subject area in english

Sociology of education with subject area and nature in english

Sociology of education with subject area and nature in english

The present era is the age of science, in this scientific age, humans have become more intellectual and logical. 

Every human wants to hold everything to the test of science. The same thing can be said in relation to Sociology.

Sociology can also be put on this scientific test. Whether sociology is science or not, because society is not a status system but a changing system and social events Innta inhabits.

The literal meaning of science is subject knowledge, that is, which is not untrue or its truth can be examined, which can be tested, which can be predicted on the basis of which science is a systematic study, every aspect in sociology can be put to the test of knowledge.

 And it can be predicted that in this regard, Start Change has written that science is its method and not it's content. Carl Pearson wrote that the unity of all science lies in its method of study and not in the boundaries of the study.

Sociology after understanding their science, it will be necessary to understand the scientific method in short form, it is called science classification equation.

Sociology of education with subject area and nature in english

Sociology uses the scientific method.

1. Observation compiles facts
2. Classification and analysis of elements in society is done by scientific method.
3. Science in sociology describes what is real.
4. Science principles and rules can be re-tested.
5. Science has the ability to predict

Sociology is scientific in nature

 Sociology is a science because the study of Sociology is done by the Bharti Bhawan classification of a real science and the general reason in which all the characteristics of science are found which gives a scientific cover to Sociology.
Sociology uses the scientific method.

Field of sociology

Sociology is a sprouted new science. This new development is slowly progressing in nature.
Therefore, sociology being a progressive science is difficult to be bound in a certain field.

The subject area of ??sociology cannot be closed, nothing can be said definitively about its subject area, but still the context of sociology subject area Various scholars have expressed their views and based on this, the subject area of ??Sociology is divided into two sects. Switch to the divided

    Field of sociology
  1. Formative
  2. Coordinative


Sampraday promoters are of the opinion that in the other science of Indian Sociology B in an independent science, just as economic, history, political science, study the nature of specific aspects independently, in the same way, Sociology can also study the forms of social and human relations independently. Wala is anthropology.

Sociology / Sociology relationship with other sciences

Different scholars have expressed their views regarding sociology and other social sciences. All of them believe that sociology is closely related to other sciences.

 August camte

According to him, sociology is the cover of a scientist. August Kamte is considered the father of sociology. 
August Kamte is of the opinion that there is a close relationship between sociology and other sciences, which is that sociology is a science which studies scientifically in the society. Expert in science, political science, economics, history etc.,
studying different aspects separately Says not appropriate because they have not studied scientifically study the organization of the society.

Field of sociology

 Herbert Spencer

Spencer, a British sociologist, has not agreed with Kamte's view that sociology is a co-ordination of a social science rather than an independent science such as political science, economics, psychology, criminology.

 Relations in sociology and history

Expressing views regarding sociology and history, George Howard has written that history is the history of sociology and sociology present. 
In this regard, Howard has tried to relate history to these events in the past and sociology to present events. In the modern era, historians have further expanded the range of studies on social, political, religious, economic aspects in their studies, furthering the direction of their thinking, due to which development has been added to many new branches of history. 
And scholars of all branches have emphasized human activities and human relations in the study of ancient times, on these grounds there is a close relation of sociology and history.

Difference between Sociology and History

Difference between Sociology and History
Due to the closeness and interrelationship between sociology and history science, many people may be confused that due to very little difference between the two sciences, the two sciences can be considered as twin sisters.

1 Sociology is directly related to the present society and social decades. While history is directly related to the past events of society.
2 The field of study of sociology is very wide, under it socio-religious, economic, political, historical, etc. birds are studied. While the field of historical study is limited, it studies and tries to know the historical aspects.

3 Sociology and history reveal the work related to events by finding causes and relationships. And gives rise to a new theory.

4 In sociology studies, test inspection can be done to check authenticity or reliability, leading to reliable facts as a result.

Relations in Sociology and Political Science

Difference between Sociology and History

In the context of the relation of sociology and politics, it can be said that sociology and politics are two sides of the same coin, based on the views expressed by the social scientist.

And there are many close relationships or intimacy in them. All sections of society are studied in social science. 

Whereas in political science, society can gather and study political relations related to the processes of states. 

Intense relations in sociology and political science have been given more attention in modern times with the political system in political science.

Relations in Sociology and Political Science

1. Social science studies on the activities prevailing in the society while political science observes those studies and formulates policy.

2. The view of social science is very broad whereas the view of political science is limited compared to sociology

3. The social relations of community members of society, society community mainly studies primary and second groups and their practices, whereas political science emphasizes the study of political relations of society and political behavior.

4. The basis of thinking of students studying social sciences is social, social causes give priority to the search for the causes of each problem, whereas in political science, the main basis of thinking is politics.

 Relations in Sociology and Anthropology

Difference between Sociology and History
1. Field of study of social sciences The present social social relation is the social activity of the members with social organization and social problem, whereas anthropology is more concerned with the study of primitive society than sociology. It can be said that the field of sociology is much larger than that of anthropology.

2.Momatology uses the overall Tavadi method in its study whereas. Whereas anthropology uses totality method to compile facts.

3. Some social scientists believe that sociology is a theory subject. Hence, it does not have practical significance. It is used to gain knowledge or to do it while anthropology is a behavioral science.

Relations in Sociology and Psychology

Relations in Sociology and Psychology
Sociology and psychology are interrelated. Like sociology, psychology treats members of society as a social animal and studies its mental conditions. 

Whereas it can be said that the sociology of science studying the totality of social relations and science studying the mental state of the members of a society can be called psychology. 

The direct relation of the subject matter of psychology is the position of the members of the society Seeing the effect of collective life on the mental development of the members of the society, it makes the individual's mind fall on the group or Defense studies the effect. 
It is in this connection that Bigfoot's view is that psychology studies social relations in order to have knowledge of the interactions of the individual and group in the present and past, psychology tries to study these emotions and find out. Is how they become a network of social relations.

 Difference in Sociology and Psychology

Difference in Sociology and Psychology

1. Psychology studies the individual's psycho-consciousness while sociology studies the social relations of the individual.

2. The field of study of sociology is society while the field of study of psychology is the manu condition of the individual.

3. The study area of Sociology is wide whereas Sociology adjusts the knowledge related to each post of the society to explain to the society the study of psychology is very limited as compared to Sociology because Psychology is the only cause of death or problem of a person. is.

4. Leading scholars, showing a close relationship between Sociology and Anthropology, wrote that both Sociology and Anthropology are similar and both study the same problem.

Sociology studies accepted practices in practice while anthropology is the collective behavior prevailing in modern society. He then uses sociologist material.

5. The state of sociology and psychology can also show differences in the dynamic process of society and individuals. Sociology studies the changing emotions in society while psychology studies the changing mindset of the individual.

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